Melissa Buron - Pacific Medical Training scholarship essay

Submitted 2023-05-24

As a student coming from a low-income household who is part of a minority group, I have faced many struggles to get to where I am today. At the beginning of my studious years in middle school, I enjoyed my extracurricular activities without a mind to my studies. However, it all changed when I started 9th grade. My beloved aunt passed away from cervical cancer and it impacted my life greatly. Aunt Madhe was a role model to me; despite living in Cuba all her life, she would go on mission trips regularly in Africa to provide her doctoral experience and care to those in need. My aunt was a superhero to me, she was one of the strongest women that I know and always encouraged me to study. Madhe would often send me pictures of the care that she provided and the situation of those in need and it changed my life. Although I only met her a handful of times in person, I would try my best to video chat with her regularly. Her ambition to care for those in need set my path in stone. Ever since Madhe’s passing, I decided to focus on becoming a nurse. At the beginning of high school, I was offered to take dual enrollment courses to begin my college degree. This is where my journey started. I am currently a nursing student who is in financial need. My mother is caring for 3 people on her income and supporting me through my studies. I am eternally grateful to my mom for always encouraging me to focus on my studies and allowing me the opportunity to focus on my career goals. Despite my mom not receiving an education, she is a very intelligent woman who tries her hardest. My mom works a job full time during the day and at night she tries to make ends meet by working on Doordash and Uber Eats. As a result, my mom and my beloved aunt Madhe have empowered me to focus on my nursing journey. I look forward to the days when I can go on mission trips like my aunt and provide my services and care to those who need it. Every day that I wake up, I strive to be like the women in my life who are superheroes. My mission for joining the healthcare industry started when I was young and continues to stick with me. Obtaining a college education will be a fresh start for me, I will have the opportunity to give back to my family and community with my education. I will greatly benefit from starting my education because of the hardships and struggles that I have faced. As a low-income student, I look forward to being able to provide for my family. A drawback to starting fresh with my education would be that I will be seen as “behind” on my academic progress because I am not fresh out of high school. Although I may be seeking to follow my studies now, I am determined to go through my classes and complete my degree.