Kenny David

Submitted 2023-08-11

I love working with and learning about people from all walks of life, and decided to pursue a career in nursing so I could have a skill set that is tangible which would make me a useful member of any community I found myself in. Making a difference for patients is at the center of all that Family Nurse Practitioners do. They provide care across the life span and face a bright and promising future in this ever-changing health care system. Preventive care helps detect or prevent serious diseases and medical problems before they can become a major problem. From my personal and professional experience as registered nurse, unequivocally I believe that preventive care is very crucial in averting many diseases and their complications.

I possess more than 5 years of progressive experience and skills in the Critical and ambulatory areas. Fully licensed professional registered nurse dedicated to the mission of compassionate patient care. Beyond my skill in safely administering medications, monitoring vital signs, bedside care, and patient education, I am a passionate advocate for my patients/clients. My communication and documentation skills are also top-notch. I understand the importance of being clear and thorough with patients and other medical professionals. I am an excellent listener and perform well under pressure.

While growing up, many people including my family did not have adequate access to preventive care due to cost and lack of awareness. After a year experience as a nurse having the zeal to make a lasting positive impact and to give back to my community, I organized a health care outreach in my church, where we assessed people’s blood sugar level and blood pressure. Little did I know that some church members including my mother are unknowingly living with Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. I gave them some health education and referred them to the ambulatory clinic for further evaluation and management. With adequate care and adherence to treatment modalities, most of these people including my mother are living and maintaining a healthy life. As a family Nurse Practitioner, I would have increased professional responsibility, flexibility, and autonomy in providing preventive care.

Furthermore, right from my high school days, I developed interest in cardiovascular system, and I was happy when I got a job as a staff nurse in a Heart Health Center where I work for almost 2 years educating patients on cardiovascular diseases, informing them of preventative measures, counseling them, helping diagnose and treating cardiovascular events, assisting in performing diagnostic tests such as EKGs, Interacting with my patients as well as their families pre and post treatment, evaluating and monitoring heart related devices such as pacemakers, monitoring the patient and their vitals, especially cardiovascular readings, assessing and interpreting lab results.

My long-term goal is to be able to specialize as a cardiology Nurse Practitioner and continue to work in a public sector or underserved community and having personal connection with my clients. I am currently enrolled at D’Youville university, a private university for my Family Nurse Practitioner Program because their schedule gives me flexibility to care for my 3 kids, work, and school.