Lucia Harvie

Submitted 2023-12-01

It’s hard to know exactly how a person might feel when it comes to emergencies. Some might freeze, some might flee, and some might fight. I think it depends on the person actually and their willingness to jump in and help. I am going into Respiratory therapy, and I need to be prepared to lose patients, intubate them, and take care of them. Healthcare is mentally, physically and emotionally draining, individual who work in healthcare need to take time for themselves so they are mentally ready for anything that can and will happen. As someone who suffers from severe anxiety and going into a field that is emotionally draining. I would prepare my mind and body by meditation, talking with more advanced personal, and continuing education. I know once I can successfully do something I will be confident enough to do it. Sometimes all you need to do is slow down, think, and have courage.