Jill Boulanger

Submitted 2023-12-03

My name is Jill Boulanger, and I will attend MCHP’s Fall incoming Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (RN) Degree Program for the Class of 2025.

As outlined below, you can see that for greater than 22 years, I have been working as a Cardiovascular Interventional Radiologic Technologist, Cardiac Cath Technologist, and a Vascular Access Specialist. Throughout my 22 years, I have continued to grow and develop into a highly experienced Radiologic Technologist with a knowledge base that surpasses my training. I’m giving you an overview of my knowledge, skills, and experience for evaluation.

As a Radiology Student, I was very interested in the advanced procedures of Interventional Radiology and Cardiac Cath Lab and all that they offered. Before graduating from Radiology School, I applied and was 1 of 5 students in the nation accepted to study at the well-respected University of Virginia Medical Center. Although not accredited, this program was the only post-secondary program in the US. Interventional Radiology, Neuro Radiology, and Cardiac Cath were all included in my one year at UVA. I studied to prepare for the Cardiovascular Interventional Radiologic Technology boards. Our core curriculum included advanced Interventional Radiology, Neuro Radiology, and Cardiac Cath studies. Throughout this time, I took classes in Nursing, Pharmacology, Advanced Medical terminology, EKG analysis, Hemodynamics, Advanced A&P, and many more. I graduated from this certificate program and passed the advanced Cardiovascular Certification in 2002.

Over the years, I became very interested in vascular access. With my advanced Cardiovascular Radiology Certification, it is within my scope of practice to place, maintain, and remove peripherally inserted central catheters as a licensed practitioner prescribes. With that said, I explored this interest. I became highly skilled at placing ultrasound-guided vascular access devices, including but not limited to PICC lines with 3CG tip confirmation, Midlines, and peripheral IVs. In 2019, I passed the VABC and became a board-certified vascular access specialist. I am the only Vascular Access Board Certified Cardiovascular Radiologic Technologist in Maine.

Since I work as a mobile vascular access specialist, my job requires substantial autonomy and strong communication and organizational skills. My job is to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate the care and needs of patients and clients requiring vascular access devices by implementing research-based practices and following the guidelines of the Infusion Nurses Society. My job is to review the patient’s history and physical to determine if they are a good candidate for a vascular access device. If I see anything concerning, I speak directly with the ordering provider to make an action plan. With each patient I have, new class I take, or certification, I have gained valuable skills and knowledge to help me further my career as a Registered Nurse.