Events we attended

We are a continuing medical education company that provides certification courses for ACLS, BLS, and PALS. See our booth or meet us in person at these events we have attended.

National Veterans Small Business Engagement

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) organizes the National Veterans Small Business Engagement event annually. The primary goal of this event is to connect potential partners like federal agencies and prime contractors with veteran-owned businesses. This platform provides potential opportunities for networking and gaining insights.

The NVSBE has educational sessions that cover various topics including certification processes, government contracting, and other aspects that help in running a veteran-owned business successfully. The attendees get a chance to form connections with other businesses, potential clients, and government officials.

American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology Annual Congress

The AANA annual congress is considered a significant event in the field of nurse anesthesia, students, educators, and healthcare professionals. This event helps to bring nurse anesthetists together. The event consists of workshops, lectures, educational sessions, and lectures that cover a vast range of topics related to nurse anesthesia. These sessions help to focus on research, technology, and professional development.

This event provides many opportunities for networking and connection-building for educators, professionals, nurse anesthetists, and fellow nurses. The event usually has special interest group meetings and networking sessions.

To get more benefits and in-depth training on certain topics from the congress, pre-congress workshops are held.


Moodle is a widely used open-source learning management system that helps educators create online courses to maintain and manage learning activities. MoodleMoot is an event that is organized for the users of Moodle LMS. Many developers, educators, and administrators join these conferences to learn new features, best practices, and to collaborate with others.

Some MoodleMoots offer hands-on training sessions or pre-conference workshops, allowing attendees to gain practical skills in using Moodle features and functionalities.

MoodleMoots also offers pre-conference workshops and hands-on training sessions that allow the attendees to gain practical skills and learn new features and functionalities.

DevLearn Conference (formerly Articulate Roadshow)

It is an event that offers e-learning and instructional design space to the attendees in the field of learning and development. Attendees get an opportunity to get their hands on best practices and e-learning development and get assistance from articulate experts.

This conference takes place on a large scale and covers a wide range of topics that include:


Conferences that are held in the form of a series that mainly focuses on digital marketing, SEO (search engine optimizer), and social media strategy-related topics are called PubCon. The purpose of these conferences is to bring experts, professionals, and enthusiasts from digital marketing and technology industries together to spread knowledge about industrial trends and network with each other. Keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities are the specialty of PubCon events.

Vast range of topics within the digital marketing space, such as SEO strategies, content marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising/collaboration, analytics, and emerging technologies, are covered in PubCon events. PubCon conferences sometimes offer Pre-conference master classes and workshops that provide in-depth training on specific topics. Hands-on learning experiences are more often allowed in these sessions.

Discussion, sharing insights, and connecting with experts who share similar interests are the tactics used to engage the attendees. Digital marketing community and attract a diverse audience of professionals from multiple industries through PubCon events.


A well-known online publication for web designers and developers- Smashing Magazine organizes a series of conferences that come under SmashingConf. Web design, front-end development, user experience (UX), and related topics are the main focus of SmashingConf events. The purpose behind organizing these SmashingConf events is to bring- professionals from the web industry together and provide a platform for knowledge, learning, networking, and sharing insights.

The opportunity to network with professionals, speakers, and sponsors of the same interest is provided to attendees. Social events, Q&A sessions, and other activities that help attendees to create interaction are part of SmashingConf events.

The best features of SmashingConf events are live design and coding sessions that allow attendees to witness experts in action as they demonstrate best practices and creative problem-solving.

We are considering attending more events in the future including:

In summation, our active engagement in events like the National Veterans Small Business Engagement, AANA Annual Congress, MoodleMoot, DevLearn Conference, PubCon, and SmashingConf has solidified our presence in the healthcare and education sectors. These platforms have not only enriched our understanding of industry dynamics but also provided invaluable networking prospects. As a dedicated provider of medical education, our participation underscores our commitment to staying abreast of advancements in ACLS, BLS, and PALS certification courses. The connections made at these events have strengthened our collaborative network and allowed us to showcase our expertise. Looking forward, our anticipation for upcoming events like Microconf, Slush, and SEO conferences reflects our ongoing dedication to knowledge acquisition and industry collaboration. These future endeavors are poised to contribute to our continued growth and innovation, reinforcing our position as a trusted resource in the ever-evolving landscape of medical education.

Written by and last updated December 4, 2023