Submitted 2024-01-11

I would prepare physically and mentally in several different ways. I would make sure physically that I’m fit and in shape so that I would be ready to act in any emergency situation. I would not want my physical shape to be a hinderance while doing my job. I would ensure this making sure that a healthy diet and exercise would be a part of my daily self care. I would make sure to make my physical health a priority for my position. Mentally, I would continue my yoga practice which helps me to clear my head and decompress daily so that every day I can put my best foot forward. I would be sure to remind myself that as long as I do my best thats all I can do and do be ok with that. I would try my best not to take any outcomes personal but keep moving forward and do the best I can for any patients that would need my care. I would be sure to still try to make time for activites and interests that give me joy so that I don’t burn out. Utimately, doing the above thing I mentioned previously would enable me to prepare myself for any medical emergency situation.