Submitted 2024-01-16

During my first year of college, I had to make many changes to my lifestyle because being on my own in a dorm at only 17 years old and having freedom to do anything that I want gave me a new perspective on “adulting”. When you are a kid you think of yourself going crazy in college, but that is not how it went when I got here. Being nervous about missing an assignment or failing a class made me become extremely on top of my studies. I have picked up new habits like making sure I have every assignment and their due dates entered into my calendar which I bring with me to every class and study hall. Becoming extremely organized with work, notes, and documents on my computer has really helped me stay on track in school.

Career choices can be hard to make but when I got diagnosed with a heart condition, I was constantly in the hospital getting tests run. This opened my eyes to the job of a cardiac sonographer; I was instantly mesmerized by their work. By using an ultrasound to look at the heart chambers they not only save lives but can also be a part of prolonging someone’s life. To mentally prepare for this job I have worked on my mental health and began journaling to help with the stress of college and life in general as well as reminding myself and others around me to celebrate the trivial things in life. Becoming more organized not only with my studies but also with my room, car, and clothes can make me feel a lot more put together and like I can do anything. Finding a hobby like art has also helped me. I have started to scrapbook as well as color and paint have become great stress relievers for me over this last semester. To physically prepare I have started to try to stand more and got better shoes. The reason I started doing this is because working in the medical field no matter the setting you often must stand for extended periods of time so great supportive shoes can be a lifesaver for not only your back as well. Another great thing to do is to start drinking your water and not just a little you need to be getting to correct amount every day so carrying a water bottle or cup can save you, so can getting the correct amount of sleep due to the job you can be working long hours so without the correct amount of sleep your work can start to go downhill.

Therefore, becoming a cardiac sonographer may be a tough job and will have its difficulties but it can be such a rewarding job if you set your mind to it. The main thing is to find a career that fully interests you and if you do not the job will chew you up and spit you out. However, having a great support system in place whether it be family, friends, or a significant other can help you in so many ways. Being able to lean on them to help take a mental load off by talking about your day or even just hanging out with the people you love. Even coming home to someone who can either help make dinner, do chores around the house/ apartment, and take care of kids or pets can make a world of difference. Feeling alone in life is not fun and can make things a lot harder and can be 10 times harder when working long hours in a mentally hard career like the medical field.

So, my advice for future students taking their chances in the medical field is to always be available for yourself and the people around you. Slow down and enjoy the trivial things in life like a beautiful sunset or if you have kids then a great report card and if you do not but you have a significant other than be available to celebrate their good earnings too. Also make time in the week to drink your water, clear your mind by doing something you love, make sure to take care of your mind and body. These things can go a long way in solidifying your mental health and can affect your physical health as well. So, take a chance and go into the healthcare world, put your mind to it and you can achieve it just make sure to not neglect yourself in the process.