Submitted 2024-02-25

As a mom of four sons, I decided to put my career goals on hold to raise my children, and work on college courses as I’m able. As my children became older and in school full time. I decided to get started working towards my goal again. Becoming a medical assistant was the smoothest transition toward my goal. Allowing me to become certified as I worked. While teaching me valuable skills and knowledge of the medical field.

After working several years as a CAN/CRMA in a Memory Care Facility I decided to apply at Pen Bay Medical Center. I was hired at an entry level position, as a Registration Clerk in the Emergency Room. Within a few months I moved my position to Central Registration and Radiology Scheduling. These positions gave me valuable knowledge of using EPIC as well as an ability to multi task. In a shift I would cover a few hours in the Emergency Room. Schedule and arrive patients in Radiology. And then close my shift arriving patients for labs and procedures in Central Registration.

After 7 months I was hired as a medical assistant at Pen Bay Internal Medicine. Because of my previous position I was able to schedule and check patients in and out. While being trained as a medical assistant. After 6 months of being hired as a medical assistant I became certified. Three years later I moved on to become a medical assistant in Women’s Health. Allowing me to continue to learn new skills and aspects of my job.

During this time I took college courses part time through Kennebec Valley Community College. Slowly working towards my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. That goal has brought me to where I’m today. I have been accepted into the fall 2024 Nursing Program at Kennebec Valley Community College. I’m excited to start my next chapter of advancing toward my goal. This fall will be the start of my clinical rotation and the schedule will not allow me to work. This scholarship will help me in achieving my goals.

As you can see my determination and aspirations have brought me so far in the last few years. I look forward to what my future will bring. Most importantly this advancement and growth shows my children that hard work, focus and determination do pay off.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.