Submitted 2024-02-27

A Diamond in The Rough

Life is a journey with many twists and turns and sometimes we get a little lost along the way. I’ve made many wrong turns and hit a few bumps and had to make a couple U-turns, but I’m still pressing on. I’m not going to lie; it’s been a tough road to get to this point. I was lost to what my purpose was and was just going to college to find a purpose, and because of that I took random classes that I thought were supposed to be useful to me. Somewhere along my aimless wandering I discovered help through the Guardian Scholar Program and that was when my academics got back on the right path. I never knew the amounts of resources and help available to me but I’m glad I found it just in the nick of time. I changed my major many times not knowing what I wanted to do in life but then I met my girlfriend at the time who had just finished nursing school. She would always tell me stories of how her day was at work and that was my first exposure to the nursing field. She was my biggest inspiration on why I wanted to become a nurse and it was around this time that the pandemic hit, and I really got to see how important nursing was, so I went and got my CNA license to work in the hospital and got to witness everything firsthand. People would say nursing isn’t just a job it’s a calling driven by compassion and a desire to care for others. However, this dedication often comes at a personal cost. Working as a CNA means long shifts, irregular hours, and physically demanding tasks, juggling these responsibilities alongside full-time schooling adds another layer of complexity. I find myself constantly battling fatigue and stress, trying to navigate between work, classes, assignments, and clinical rotations. Sadly, despite the essential work that CNAs provide we are in a lowpaying position. The financial strain of trying to be able to afford everyday living costs is overwhelming. I’m living paycheck to paycheck and factoring out the time needed to put aside for school I’m left with very little time to work. Any financial help would be substantial and would help with just having an extra month’s rent set aside or something for emergencies because I wouldn’t know what to do right now if my car were to break down or something unexpected arises. My journey of striving for a brighter future through education and personal transformation will be a testament to my unwavering determination, courage, and perseverance, nor will I yield to the pressure, because even coals under enough pressure will become a diamond.