Submitted 2024-02-29

The meaning of life could be defined in many ways. Or with no definitive definition and purely on subjective experience. There are 365 days (about 12 months) in a year, 24 hours in a day, and 60 minutes in an hour. Although this knowledge may be relevant it’s the concept of the significance of even one second that I am emphasizing. Often, time is taken for granted. Not every person born in the world is given the opportunity to maybe even have the chance to have lived a minute let alone 60 minutes. Life is valuable and should be treated as such. Being a part of the healthcare system, you are involved in the beginning and the end of life in some cases; you may be the reason someone has an extra 365 days (about 12 months) of life or more. In the best and worst situations healthcare personnel are the people patients rely on and give their trust. You witness emotion derived from painful situations, the loss of loved ones, and the joy from lifesaving procedures. Nursing care can be like a web in many directions, and you are a part of the many contributing factors. A nurse’s actions hold more significance than meets the naked eye at points. Although this is a major responsibility it is one that must be taken on and is necessary.

Before entering a lifesaving situation as well as the uncertainty that comes along with it, a nurse or healthcare professional must be mentally and physically prepared. I am still an undergraduate and have only participated in nursing responsibilities to my allowable scope. When I graduate, I intend to earn my license as a registered nurse. I have seen very disheartening things and heard untreatable diagnoses. It doesn’t seem so distant when you are also there in the moment during these heartbreaking discussions. These moments are very personable and private for some patients. I have been in many uncertain situations and have had to use my best judgment to move forward. Although being mentally and physically prepared is necessary now in the situation I believe it is also something that is self-created and somewhat obtained beforehand as the beginning baseline. I believe there must always be a baseline, a beginning directive in life to create consistency. A nurse must have a balanced life. Of course, life can be rocky at points, but a nurse must create a place where their headspace can be clear. Outside clinical setting situations must be left there and not taken with you on the job. This can be quite challenging, but the patients’ well-being is the most important, Patients need nurses to be present and able to tend to their needs and urgency with the most focus. In my life I try to create this balance by creating outlets for my stressors. This could be jogging, walking, and talking about my thoughts or feelings to someone I trust. Allowing myself to express my feelings allows me to reflect on my life and the directions I need to be taking. A well-balanced healthy lifestyle is important as well. With a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, you can allow your body to have the energy to put forth within stressful situations in the medical field. A nurse must maintain adequate nutrition and hydration to withstand situations of life saving emergencies. There may come a time when a nurse may have to maintain CPR for ten minutes or more till other assistance can be given. A nurse must have the stamina to provide whatever nursing measures necessary. I choose meals that meet my nutritional needs. I try to be consciences of what is beneficial to my health.

I create schedules for myself to maintain stability and structure. Being aware of one’s needs and being prepared and knowing what comes next is a great stress reliever. Self-awareness is essential to be able to prevent yourself from predetermined prejudice knowing your own beliefs allows you to differentiate your own judgements.

To create a place where I am mentally and physically prepared in a situation of life saving techniques, I am going to try my best to make sure I have that baseline of self-understanding, balance, and personal well-being. In the situation at hand, I will use my best judgment, knowledge, and skills I have learned to meet the current emergency. I will have to trust myself and my instincts, I believe that is the most pertinent value. There can be no hesitation in moments like this.