BLS Course

Basic Cardiac Life Support (BLS) for In-Hospital Providers

Each and every employee brings to your facility different experiences and different levels of expertise. You have medical/surgical nurses, intensive care nurse, cardiac catheterization personnel and emergency department personnel. No two departments share the same healthcare experience. Yet all are required to hold a current basic life support (CPR) certification. Many of your employees have performed CPR many times during the renewal period while taking BLS renewal online and many others have not. Many function at a high level of practice during resuscitation and some are rarely if ever involved in resuscitation. How then can you meet these varying needs using the same course?

The answer is simple. If you're searching for "BLS certification near me," look no further. Our online basic life support course makes available all of the American Heart Association guidelines for basic cardiac life support in a concise, applicable format. Those who require just a quick review can do so. Those who require an in-depth review of all of the information or even to learn it for the first time have the option to do so. The course can be tailored by the individual to meet their individual educational needs. Healthcare providers aren’t wasting their valuable time, and you are not compensating them to do so. At the completion of the course, each student is required to prove his or her competency in all of the skills of the BLS online certification by completing a written examination successfully. You have the documentation you need, and your healthcare personnel have the skills that your patients need. Our online training makes everyone a winner!

Tired of sitting through the same four hour CPR class every two years? Tired of hearing all of the discussion of resuscitation in the emergency department, the intensive care unit or the OR? We recognize that while recertification is required every two years, the science doesn’t change near that often. That means you have to hear the same thing over and over despite that fact that you live and breathe basic life support every day on the street.

Our Pacific Medical Training branded CPR training materials are proudly sold under contract to the U.S. Army.

Course format

Completion sample eCard

Sample of our course completion eCard (click to enlarge):



Students will also have a copy of their skills form (see information on the left).

Please verify the authenticity of our eCards by emailing us with the name and expiration date of the student.

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This course is offered in in-person group format and online/blended format. All our instructors hold current and valid BLS instructor credentials from the American Heart Association. (Some customers require that our instructors additionally hold paramedic licensure, we can meet this requirement.)

Take this course to fulfill your employer's required job training.

Skill testing

See our BLS skills form here.

Your Pacific Medical Training certification eCard is issued upon successful completion of the online course. Hard-copy certificate will be shipped if requested.

If your employer requires you to complete an in person skills test, please use the Pacific Medical Training skills test form that is available for you to print in your student workroom.

A certified authorized instructor such as a paramedic can complete your skills test. Please provide them with the Pacific Medical Training skills test form. The instructor will complete the form after you successfully complete the in person skills test. Please note that the instructor does not issue you a new eCard. Your Pacific Medical Training eCard was immediately issued to you once you completed the Pacific Medical Training online course. Hard-copy certificate will be shipped if requested. Email your completed skills test form with your instructor’s credential information to . If you are unable to locate an instructor, please contact us and we will see who is available in your area.

This skills check documentation process is significantly more stringent than American Heart Association, Red Cross and all our other competitors.

Course overview

Our course front matter includes the syllabus, complete accreditation statements and statements from all instructors and contributors.


This course is accredited for up to 8 hours of continuing medical education hours by AMA — American Medical Association, ANCC — American Nurses Credentialing Center, ADA CERP — American Dental Association, ACPE — Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. See full accreditation statements from these organizations in the course front matter above. See our accreditation letters and sample certificates on our accreditations page.

Scientific basis

This course is written based on scientific evidence. This course is current with respect to the latest 2020 American Heart Association guidelines for CPR and ECC. This science is compatible with Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation (HSF), European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).

Additional review information

Additional information is available for organizations that are reviewing our course, just ask us.

  • Complete printout of study materials
  • Complete testing instruments with answer keys -- This is only available to accreditation organizations and government regulators that review our course.
  • Complimentary online course access
  • Resumes, CVs and all credentialing information for our instructors
  • If you are uncertain about which course to choose, refer to the article comparing ACLS and BLS to determine which course best suits your needs.

The American Heart Association name is owned by American Heart Association, Inc. Pacific Medical Training has no affiliation with American Heart Association.