First aid for non-medical persons

Are you a babysitter? A lifeguard? A caregiver? A responsible community member? Then our online first aid course is for you! Our course will provide you with the information you need to save a life. Many times the care a patient is given immediately following injury or the onset of illness is what decides how well the person does. Most often a bystander while awaiting the arrival of EMS must give that care. We can provide you with the information you need to provide that care in a competent and confident manner.

You don’t have to be a healthcare expert to save a life or a limb. Our course covers all of the most common injuries and illness including, bleeding, stroke, heart attack, diabetic emergencies and many others. When you finish our first aid course you will feel equipped to administer the first ten minutes of care to patients experiencing the most common medical and traumatic emergencies. Don’t be the one running around searching for someone who knows what to do . . . be the person that other people search for because you know what to do!

Course format

This course is offered in in-person group format and online. All our instructors hold current and valid basic life support instructor credentials from the American Heart Association. (Some customers require that our instructors additionally hold paramedic licensure, we can meet this requirement.)

Use our first aid course for required job training.

Course overview

Our course front matter includes the syllabus, complete accreditation statements and statements from all instructors and contributors.


We do not grant continuing medical education credits for this course. If you require CME/CEU credits, please see our CPR + first aid course for in-hospital providers.

Scientific basis

This course is written based on scientific evidence. Our main works cited for this course are the American Heart Association guidelines

Additional review information

Additional information is available for organizations that are reviewing our course, just ask us.

  • Complete printout of study materials
  • Complete testing instruments with answer keys -- This is only available to accreditation organizations and government regulators that review our course.
  • Complimentary online course access
  • Resumes, CVs and all credentialing information for our instructors

Completion eCard

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