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Pharmacy technician training program entry-level course (recognized by PTCB)

Fast food and retail jobs only take you so far. Before long it’s boring, there is no opportunity to advance, the pay is bad, and you just don’t want to do it any longer! How about a fast paced job in the ever expanding medical field? Pharmacy technicians are in demand. Due to the growing number of elderly in our population, medical jobs will be in demand well into the future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics1 predicts the demand for pharmacy technicians to grow by 9% in the next ten years. That is faster than average growth! 34,700 jobs are expected to be added in that time period. That’s great news!

If you are a motivated, self starter, you can be employed and earning a nice salary in as long as it takes you to study for the examination. No need to spend years and many thousands of dollars to acquire a degree for a career that will yield the same income.

Our pharmacy technician program is a PTCB-recognized education/training program. Participants who have completed our pharmacy technician program will be eligible to apply for the pharmacy technician certification exam.

Course format

This course is offered in in-person group format and online. All our instructors are experienced medical providers.

Use our pharmacy technician course for required job training.

Course overview

Our course front matter includes the syllabus, complete accreditation statements and statements from all instructors and contributors.

Scientific basis

This course is written based on scientific evidence. Our main works cited for this course are:

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Additional review information

Additional information is available for organizations that are reviewing our course, just ask us.

  • Complete printout of study materials
  • Complete testing instruments with answer keys -- This is only available to accreditation organizations and government regulators that review our course.
  • Complimentary online course access
  • Resumes, CVs and all credentialing information for our instructors

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