Monitor Tech Training Program

The exciting field of Cardiology is always expanding and there is room for YOU! Pacific Medical Training is offering a course that will prepare you to take the Cardiovascular Credentialing International exam for Certified Cardiographic Technician. This will prepare you to work as a stress test technician, Holter monitor technician or a telemetry technician. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. Early diagnosis can prevent early death. Diagnosis is made utilizing cardiac stress testing, Holter monitors and, in a lot of cases, admission to the hospital where cardiac rhythm is monitored by a technician. You will be prepared to be employed in any one of these exciting fields.

Our courses are designed for you to study at your own pace. They provide adjunct material for you to practice and review. Most of all, our courses are written to be fun and informative.

Who can benefit from this course?

What is covered in the Course?

This is a course for health care providers aspiring to take the CCI CCT exam or for providers working in a CNA, RN, or LVN/LPN position.

In addition to 12-lead ECG, this course also covers 3-lead, 4-lead, and 5-lead.

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