Electronic Health Records

Pacific Medical Training online Electronic Medical Records Certificate can help you take the first step if you’re seeking to refresh or refine existing healthcare knowledge, learn new job skills, or prepare for industry certification. Elevate your career confidence and refresh your resume from home.

Pacific Medical Training’s flexible, 100% online Electronic Medical Records course will help you learn to manage medical records in a healthcare setting. You’ll cover an introduction to the health information industry, as well as building an electronic health record.

Electronic Health Records course online is the best way to gain job-ready skills in organizing digital patient records. In a world that's going digital, EHR training can be your path to an appealing and viable career in healthcare. You can use your hands-on experience, lessons on compliance and privacy issues that give you the knowledge, to launch a career in healthcare. Complete your course and you will be fully prepped for your certification exam.

Course format

This course is offered in in-person group format and online. All our instructors are experienced medical providers.

Our course may be used for required job training. There are two components to our training. The first is the Medical Scribe Certification course. Clinical Documentation EHR Course is the second component of our training. You will receive two continuing medical education credits from the American Medical Association, the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education after you have taken both components and filled out the course evaluation form.

See our accreditation letter.

Course overview

Our Clinical Documentation EHR course front matter include the course syllabi, complete accreditation statements and statements from all instructors and contributors.

Scientific basis

This course is written based on scientific evidence. Our main works cited for this course are:

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Additional review information

Additional information is available for organizations that are reviewing our course, just ask us.

  • Complete printout of study materials
  • Complete testing instruments with answer keys -- This is only available to accreditation organizations and government regulators that review our course.
  • Complimentary online course access
  • Resumes, CVs and all credentialing information for our instructors

Completion eCard

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Sample certificate EHR.

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Please verify the authenticity of our certificates by emailing us with the name and issue date of the student.

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