Our mission

Our mission is to provide medical certification and continuing education courses with world-class delivery.

Our mission

We make fun and engaging courses for routine medical certification. For life support courses, we target the medical professional that has taken this course for years and just needs to re-up. See our Facebook reviews for how much our customers appreciate what we do.

The other side of our business is continuing education courses. We strive to help our students improve specific skills while they are in a medical school track program or while they are employed in a medical field. We are a small business according the United States Small Business Administration, but our impact on the communities we serve is tremendous.


Pacific Medical Training has been in business since 2008. We started with advanced life support courses in the beginning and expanded to the full course list you see above.


Katie Morris, RN is a registered nurse and she writes and reviews our medical articles.

Amanda Spier, RN, BSN reviews our medical articles.

Evelin Maza writes bilingual articles for our Healthcare Spanish website.

Michael Tomeo MD reviews our medical articles.

Debbie McGrody just finished up a project which involved documenting state regulations for medical professionals in all 50 states.

Sarah Gehrke, MSN, RN writes informative and useful articles ranging from how to react to diabetic emergencies to how various systems of the human body function.

Michelle Owen is our medical researcher and also provides some customer service.

Yuhan Zhang creates technical graphics that are part of our courses and printed educational materials.

Jennifer DeGarmo copyedits our articles.

Debbie Carol provides customer support on the phone and through email.

Dr. Christine Traxler has contributed to our Health Care Spanish content and has helped review our articles and educational content.

William Entriken is our general manager and is responsible for keeping the team going.