#Salient Features

Accessibility and security

All our products are self-directed and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All our courseware is distributed via the internet securely on our website, and user data is stored on our host servers.

And we use best practices in web design which allow our courses to be accessed using devices that are typically used in offices (Windows PCs) as well as devices typically used at home (Macintosh laptops and desktops, iPads, and iPhones). In general, we fully accommodate all web browsers currently supported by Microsoft, Apple and Google on desktop/phones; paper printouts; screen readers (JAWS 5.10 and later); and other text-to-speech software. To achieve section 508 accessibility (29 U.S.C. § 794 (d)) and compatibility with JAWS and others screen readers, we create all course materials primarily in text.

Our company uses secure servers to guarantee sensitive information is protected; or better, not collected in the first place.

Our servers are deployed in the United States and distributed geographically as per best practices in availability.

Technical support, telephone support and all licensing is included at no additional cost.

For government purchase managers

Pacific Medical Training (PMT) is a United States-based small business concerns for the North American Industry Classification System code 611430, and successful award of proposals to PMT will directly lead to domestic job growth.

This means that nurses taking our course as part of a contract will be have unlimited access for the contract (and option) period and enough courses available to complete any state’s licensure requirements and will have interesting new material each year.

Our LMS also provides reporting of who passed which course and when. Our LMS server has user authentication. We will provide government purchasers with reports in aggregate, segregated by an agreed upon designation, on a weekly basis. Also, we are able to handle course deadlines with exception reporting for overdue assignments. We will send email reminders to overdue students, if permitted by IHS.

Course exam, assessment, and accreditation

Our courses are developed with an evidence-based science approach.

Testing out

Students may go straight to the exam if desired (“test out”).

Course evaluation

Upon purchase, students may read all course materials without taking the exam in order to “evaluate” the course.

Course remediation and retesting

After each exam attempt, students receive a list of correct and incorrect answers (“remediation”). Remediation will also instruct students which course section they may find information that will help them answer specific questions on the exam.

Students may repeat the exam to improve their score and correct incorrect answers.

Accreditation and continuing education

For nurses

After the exam, the student will complete course assessment. This process is a standard American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) evaluation and collects the required information to remain ANCC compliant and issue credit.

Once the student has completed the course, successfully passed the evaluation and submitted the evaluation, that student will be eligible credit. ANCC credit will be provided directly and immediately on the website, and can be printed online. User registration automatically collects license numbers for RNs and other state-required registration information.

We support series certificates (“CNA certificate”) — a separate certification which is given to students after passing a certain set of courses. Series certificates may also have other arbitrary restrictions attached to them, such as: completing courses by a specific date/time, checking names on a list provided by IHS, completion of courses within a certain amount of time. Series certificates are checked for accuracy by our team and distributed electronically on a weekly basis.

Our partner, Postgraduate Institute for Medicine is accredited with distinction through American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), which also meets Florida’s accreditation requirement (per https://nurse.org/resources/continuing-education/#continuing-education-requirements-for-nurses-faqs), and also separately accredited with the California Board of Registered Nursing (Provider 13485).

New course creation

We are able to create new and custom educational materials as required, and do so quickly. These courses will be created with the target audience (registered nurses, public health nurses, certified nurse assistants and/or community health representatives) in mind, and tailored as such.

Have an idea for a new course, let us know!