What is the process to become a BLS and ACLS instructor?

Our policy is that instructors who hold current AHA instructor qualifications are eligible to teach PMT courses for the same course.

How do you sell the course to become an instructor?

Currently we offer instructor courses only to facilities that have 100+ staff on site that will be taking our course. We will open this up to additional facilities over time.

Do you have an agreement with any center or do you create a center or how is this process done?

For in-person training we have agreements with hundreds of centers across North America. But you don’t care about that, you only want to know who is closest to you. Contact us to arrange skills testing after you have complete the online portion of your course with us.

How will we carry out the process of customizing of the courses, we want to add videos and new visual material, we send them to you and you upload them or you will generate a new hosting for LATAM?

We welcome all feedback for improvement to the courses. Please send your advice to us by email and we will work with our publishing and medical teams to get it online.

If in the future you want to add AI and virtual reality, would your platform support it?

Yes. The scope of AI will be very limited for our life support courses to only search our existing published information. This is because safety and correctness are most important for these courses.