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Certified Emergency Training

This training center does provide training for ACLS

This training center does provide training for BLS

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If you require skills testing today or tomorrow, please stop and call your supervisor to tell them that it is not feasible to set up training today or tomorrow.

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Certified emergency training provides the necessary knowledge, skills and trust to save lives and help in an emergency situation. All of our instructors and employees are licensed medical professionals with considerable experience and exposure to all aspects of emergency pre - hospital care. We provide training, comprehensive training and real - life scenarios to help you recognize not only the early signs of life threatening medical conditions, but also how to treat and sustain life until EMS arrives. More often than you think, medical emergencies occur. Certified Emergency Training instructors can provide you with the knowledge, skills, training and understanding that can and will often make a difference between life and death.


670 Lunt Ave
Elk Grove Village IL,