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This training center does provide training for ACLS

This training center does provide training for BLS

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Setting up skills testing will take any training center approximately three days. If you require skills testing today or tomorrow, please stop and call your supervisor to tell them that it is not feasible to set up training today or tomorrow.

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ACLS Skills Verification consists of simulated cases in a team approach and is the final step in obtaining your ACLS certifications after taking Heartcode ACLS Part 1 online. Students will be allowed practice scenarios as time allows before their skills verification and are required to complete Heartcode ACLS Part 1 and bring their certification of completion with them to class. This option typically takes one hour. ACLS class consists of 8 hours of classroom lecture, simulated cases and a written tests consisting of multiple-choice questions. Our experienced instructors focus on educating in a supportive and dynamic environment, facilitate discussion, and prepare students by facilitating paractice in a team approach. Short breaks are included throughout the class and a 30-minute lunch on your own is in addition to the 8-hours of class. This meets or exceeds the minimum standard for AHA New Provider course.


4220 Meridian Street Ste. 104
Bellingham WA,