American Heart Association training center #ts11442

Intensive Medical Marion Area Division

This training center does not provide training for ACLS

This training center does not provide training for BLS

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Setting up skills testing will take any training center approximately three days. If you require skills testing today or tomorrow, please stop and call your supervisor to tell them that it is not feasible to set up training today or tomorrow.

Company Info:

Intensive Medical is a nationwide, multi-faceted training company developed by healthcare professionals for healthcare providers and all aspects of the various medical industries. Great emphasis is placed on the educational experience and individual learning needs. All of our instructors are highly trained healthcare professionals with experience in the areas of their respective curriculum. Our faculty is empowered to go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality of didactic and practical skills allowing students to not only retain material but to leave the classroom and apply new skills in the workplace. We strive to maintain a flexible and professional atmosphere. This combined with our unparalleled faculty and state-of-the-art training modules ensure the highest quality learning programs and continuing education in the industry.


327 North Logan St.
Marion NC,