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LifeLine Ambulance

This training center does provide training for ACLS

This training center does provide training for BLS

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Setting up skills testing will take any training center approximately three days. If you require skills testing today or tomorrow, please stop and call your supervisor to tell them that it is not feasible to set up training today or tomorrow.

Company Info:

LifeLine Ambulance, Inc. is currently the largest ambulance provider in North Central Washington with a staff of more than 60 full-time and part-time Paramedics, Registered Nurses, IV Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians, billing / collections staff, Medical Supervising Officers and management team. We are a primary 911 provider in all our service locations, and also provide interfaculty transports, wheelchair van transports, and event standbys, and offer training courses to the public and other medical professionals within the industry. We maintain a fleet of 13 ambulances, four 4-wheel drive response units, and 1 wheelchair transport van. LifeLine Ambulance, Inc. provides many American Heart Association (AHA) the most widely accepted First Aid & CPR course in the industry. LifeLine provide monthly class to the public in all of service area. We offer courses on site for businesses to meet L&I requirements. All courses include key changes reflecting science from the AHA Guidelines for First Aid & CPR/AED. Each course also offers an optional written test for students whose employers require completion of a test.


501 N. Wenatchee Ave
Wenatchee WA,