CPR/first aid training protocol under NG10164

Price schedule (per participant)

Contracted rates are valid until 2024-09-01:

Service Price
CPR $99
First aid $99
CPR + first aid (for same participant) $99
Fee for no-show on a scheduled class (unless canceling 48 hours or more before the class date). $40

Starting 2024-09-01 a 8% increase of prices applies. Starting 2025-09-01 a 8% increases of prices applies on top of that.

This price schedule applies the same for entirely in-person training and for blended model with part of the training done online and skills tested in-person. This price schedule applies the same for training provided with American Heart Association branded training as with Pacific Medical Training branded training. This price schedule applies for training for one individual or more (including quantities of 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, and 2,500 or more people. Please note that training for less than 5 individuals at a time will be provided on an as-available basis.

Registration sign-up for eligible staff

Staff must use their School District of Philadelphia email address for registration.

Staff enrolling in the course must provide a School District of Philalphia employee identification card to verify their identity before training begins. If the name on this identification does not match the same of the employee, the individual will not be allowed to participate in the training.


Payment will be due on registration by credit card or billed by Pacific Medical Training to Philadelphia School District under an approved billing code within 30 days of training, payable within 30 days of invoice.

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