Heather Perdue - Medical Scholarship | Pacific Med Training

Submitted 2022-08-17

I have been working in health care and Cardiology since 2011. Originally completing an internship in Cardiac Rehabilitation with Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital, I realized quickly I found my niche.

From there I expanded my EKG skill by becoming a Monitor Technician. I progressed in my cardiac career to Exercise and Nuclear Stress Testing with a private cardiology practice in Atlanta. Eventually I made my way back to Cardiac Rehabilitation with Northside Cherokee Hospital where I was able to use the stepping stones of my career to give patients the excellent care they deserve.

After four years in Cardiac Rehab I felt the desire to pursue a broader knowledge and to be able to care for my patients in additional ways. So after being out of school for nearly ten years, and with a one year old, I decided it was time to go back to achieve a nursing degree.

It is my desire is to be able to further expand the foundation that I have in where I have made a home, Cardiology. I intend to take my skill set to an inpatient setting, preferable the Cardiac Cath lab.

With my history in Cardiology, I have a strong history of improving patient’s health and wellness by exercise, risk factor modifications and education on diet, stress and cardiac health. I assist the nurses of the department as needed in emergency situations that include, angina, hypotensive crisis, and arrhythmias. Being BLS certified since 2011, and ACLS certified since 2018, and Certified Cardiac Rehab Professional certified since 2020, I have successfully assisted in the prevention of cardiac events with quick thinking, and carefully monitoring EKG and symptoms.

Additionally, I was named Northside Hospital’s Service Award recipient of 2020-2021 for demonstrating excellence in patient care. This award is based on patient nominations.

Cardiac rehab is often a service that patients are unaware of, and I would like to further assist by informing patients of all their options post event of ways to improve their health. I am determined and more importantly want to be an incredible role model for my daughter; that you can continue to achieve at any age, under any circumstance if it’s what you want.