Equip yourself with life-saving skills and ensure the well-being of newborns with our comprehensive neonatal resuscitation certification course

Our Pacific Medical Training Neonatal certification course caters specifically to healthcare professionals involved in delivering care to newborns during the critical moments of delivery. This comprehensive program welcomes physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses, midwives, certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, paramedics, medical students, and NICU/PICU staff members. By participating in this course, these dedicated healthcare professionals gain specialized knowledge and skills necessary for providing optimal care to newborn infants and their families, ensuring the highest standards of neonatal healthcare.

Enrollments for this course are currently full. Please check back again in December 2023.

Unleash your potential as a neonatal resuscitation provider!

By enrolling in our neonatal resuscitation certification course, you'll gain a deep understanding of crucial newborn resuscitation techniques. From mastering the precise steps outlined in the neonatal resuscitation flowchart to enhancing outcomes for precious neonates, this course empowers you to become a proficient neonatal resuscitation provider.

Our comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge, skills, and teamwork strategies necessary to make a tangible impact on neonatal health.

By actively participating in practical skills assessments or engaging in our online skills evaluation, you'll be at the forefront of reducing neonatal illness and mortality rates. Join us today and become a catalyst for change, promoting safer and healthier starts to life for newborns.

What you can expect to learn in this neonatal resuscitation certification course

  • Explore the cardiopulmonary function of the fetus and the transition process after birth
  • Learn how to perform initial and ongoing assessments
  • Explore positive pressure ventilation and alternate airway strategies in neonatal care
  • Understand the role of chest compressions, volume expanders, and resuscitation medications in life-saving interventions
  • Provide comprehensive care to the neonate in the post-resuscitation phase
  • Navigate preterm and challenging neonatal resuscitations
  • Explore ethical considerations in the context of neonatal resuscitation
  • Enhance cognitive understanding of concepts and interventions in neonatal resuscitation

Course features

  • Convenient online completion that is self-paced
  • Earn up to 8 CME/CE credits, fully accredited
  • Secure certification with an exam pass rate of 84%
  • For more details, read our course syllabus.

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Enrollments for this course are currently full. Please check back again in December 2023.